Hi, I am Connie...

Mom of 3 amazing children, wife of a great man and daughter of the best mom ever!

I truly love what I do and I am grateful that you have come all the way to read this.

My favorite place is at the beach or lake with my family, I also love a cozy cabin in the mountain. I live on coffee and snacks. I love road trips (although we do not travel right now because my littlest daughter literally hates the car seat). I love taking pictures of my girls Anna Victoria & Anna Sofia, my son Pepe hates being photographed (teens!)...

Cheesecake, seafood and sushi lover!

I live in Northern California and I want to expand my small business to more and more cities around me so I can get the chance to help people capture unique moments of their lives!

Thanks to all my former clients and thanks in advance to the new ones to come!

With love, Connie...


woman in kitchen